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Z Salon is a salon that is nailed perfection where you will experience a unique environment with services for men & women that match international standards.

In skincare there is no compromise. We will only use the best products available, no nasty bulk-packaged products in our salon!

Our hair stylists and barbers are specially trained to create the perfect look for your individual style, head shape and hair density. We treat each guest as a masterpiece and refine your look to deliver the ultimate experience in men’s grooming and hair care.

Finding the perfect hair salon can be a daunting task, but it is extremely important. Our hair defines us in a lot of ways. Your hair tells a story about who you are as a person, so it is important for your hair to look just the way you like it. At The Hair Company, we understand how important it is to look and feel your best.

At Get Smart Salon, we have exceptional stylists who always put our clients first. Our stylists are always trained and educated on the newest and most trendy styles.

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Best Salon in Karachi for Hair Treatment & Face Clean up for Man Salon - Z Salon

Regardless of the age, skin, or hair type, you can always trust Z Salon’s pros to get you a fresh and younger-looking face. You don’t need treatments just to pamper yourself, but because your skin and hair deserve it. Men no longer have to worry about their hair fall because we’re the best salon in Karachi for hair treatment. Our services stretch from hair dyes to Extenso on any hair length. Our experts will suggest you the treatment after examining your hair type and health so that you get the best results. Thus, Z Salon ends your search for the best hair fall treatment in Karachi as we provide the one-stop solution to our customers.

Who doesn’t want to pamper himself at fair prices? Right, no one. Only at Z Salon, you get more at the most affordable prices. Our professional stylists will get you the treatment you need in a welcoming atmosphere where you can belong. We’ve devised our services that can benefit every skin type after our stylists examine your skin type and the treatments it may require. Because we are after your well-being and our goal is your satisfaction. If you’re still searching for the facial salon near me, it’s because you have not tried Z Salon yet. Visit us, avail our services, put an end to your long search.

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Extenso Treatment

Make your hair look sleek and shiny with Extenso. No matter what the length of your hair is, Z Salon provides you with the treatment in the most beneficial way. Extenso helps you maintain your natural look while making your hair healthier and voluminous. With this treatment, you don’t have to worry about your hair for months. The quality of Extenso is measured by the products you use, and we choose only the best for our customers.

It is not easy to get many good hair days in this humid weather of Karachi, but with an Extenso you can have one, every day, that also for months. Our hair specialists will examine your hair before the treatment so that you can get rid of the dry and damaged hair. We’re the men’s hair straightening salon you’re looking for. Get your frizz-free look now, at the best rates, only at Z Salon

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Hair Dye

Are you bored of that same old color or don’t like it anymore? It’s time to change that. You get to live only once, it’s not worth it to spend it with a hair color you don’t like. Own every part of your body just the way you like it. That’s what the professionals at Z Salon try their best to deliver. We help you to wear the color of your choice in the most trendy and classic way, you just have to consult our experts and we prepare the best experience for you.

Make experimenting with your hair color safe with an expert opinion. Fearlessly try vivid to bright colors at reasonable prices. We strive to make the entire process open and easy for you. We’re the men’s hair salon you have been looking for all this long.


Keeping your skin fresh means unclogging the pores and not giving the chance to those pimples to show up anytime. Healthy skin also means smooth shaving without any razor cuts or irritation. From deep cleansing facials to exfoliating facials, we make your skin hydrated and breathe again. Basically, facial treatments address these shaving side effects and leave behind smoother skin. That’s why a good facial will help deep clean bumps and soothe irritated skin.

The experts at Z Salon combine just the right facial treatment for you that includes exfoliation, essential oils, masks, and moisturizers that will not only make your skin look fresh, but healthy by cleaning the oil from those pores. So stop your search for a “facial salon near me” because we look forward to treating and pampering you. Whether you want to show up at a special business meeting or a wedding, facial treatments are a way to help your skin look better, healthy, and fresh.

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We’re not just another hair salon in Karachi offering haircuts or beard trimmings, but our services extend to face, hand, neck, and arms bleach. At Z Salon you don’t have to shy back from the services you may require. Our products are specially chosen to remove the dullness or paleness from your body. Get a visible glow in less time with our bleaching services.  We serve quality in less time, so you can just come for quick touch-ups and we’ll have you ready in your given time.

Karachi’s heat doesn’t treat you right, but we do. Get an even tone with a glowy touch and remove that tan from your hands or neck. Our professionals carefully pick the products that are made just for your skin type. Rejuvenate your skin only at Z Salon, and stop wandering places. Treat your skin before it dries out!


So don’t waste any more time searching “men’s hair waxing salon near me”, because now you know where to come. Get rid of those razor burns and ingrown hair at a convenient rate, only at Z Salon

mens hair waxing salon near me

We’re Here For You, Within Your Reach

We reclaim to be the best salon in Karachi for hair treatment while our expertise stretches to different dimensions to cover all services a man can require. So even if you want an even tone, good skin texture, and unclog your oil-producing pores, all you have to do is get the suggestion of our pros in the field. And if it’s waxing or bleaching that you require, don’t flinch. Just ask us, we’re here for you, that also at the convenient prices and a comfortable ambiance.

Book your time now, and let us serve you the best!

We Value Your Time

Z Salon cares about your long hours at work and how on most days you forget to do the bare minimum for yourself. We value your time, and for this specific reason, we have made Z Salon a one-stop solution for men to get all kinds of services. We have abundant services, you name it and we have it. You not only save your time by visiting us because we’re quick but also because we provide everything you require

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